The Big One Botanicals has a tsunami of different fogweed products!
Come by our herbery in Mateus; Mist w15/p5.
(3rd Floor Uranami Onsen)

So you want to enjoy an evening of herb & bliss? Well here's how you order from us!

Step 1: Grab a menu! If you're reading this... Well... You're already there!

Step 2: Decide between your options! Beverages & Fare or Stock & Strains.

Step 3: Visit our Herb-Keep on the third floor. Need help? Our Flower-Tenders will help you to their fullest. Need a recommendation? Read on!

Step 4: Focus, Relaxation, Hybrid? Choose your strain!
Focus: Uplifting & invigorating. These herbs will give you just the spark you need for creativity.
Relaxation: Calming & tranquil. These herbs will calm your inner tsunami.
Hybrid: Uplifting & calming. Need a little of both? These are hybrids of both fogweed types!

Step 5: Choose a strain! Once you have decided your chosen fogweed 'type'; you can choose one of our many strains. Please read their description & flavor profiles to ensure that you have your preferred bud.

Step 6: Checkout. After you have ordered your herb, please proceed to the check out. Here you can pay in gil or koban. Once purchased you may enjoy your product in our lounge or downstairs in our baths!

Ask us about our monthly strain in our medicinal baths!

Below you can find a short selection of our menu. See our full menu below for full details!

Strains & Stock
Capsules || Flowers || Leaves (for tea) || Oils || Pre-roll || Topicals || Resin || Rosin || Salves || Shisha || Tinctures

Ashtrays || Flints || Grinders || Kiseru || Pipes || Rolling papers || Shisa-pipes || Storage boxes || Water-pipes

Beverages & Fare
Ale || Cocktails || Coffee || Tea || Candies || Pastries || Savory Treats

For our Flower Hour Special we have predetermined strains in our beverage & fare! These rotate out each moth, so be sure to stop by! Our herb strain within our baths when entering the bathhouse are as follows:
Calm; Right. Focus: Left.

Ask About Our "BIG ONE" Pre-roll!


Focus Dominant
Aether Current: Extremely uplifting almost like traveling between aetherytes. Quite a rush. Notes: Sweet Pear
Dancing Namazu: Get ready to get down like a namazu! Dance your fishy tail off w/ this herb. Notes: Black Tea
Namai Fire Opal: Alert & attentative, this herb is like a refreshing morning in Namai. Notes: Persimmon & Citrus
Inner Beast: This herb awakens the feral, inner beast & leaves the user feeling hyper alert. Notes: Coffee & Musk
The Ruby Price: Everything has a price, including this herb. Very strong immediate rush. Notes: Tropical & Cherry
Samurai Shoha: Sensations of deep-focus meditation. Akin to that of its samurai namesake. Notes: Earthy Sage
Steppe Spice: Nostalgic of cooking-spices from the Steppe. Great for getting work done. Notes: Spice & Tobacco

Relaxation Dominant
Dairyu Moon Gate: Our strongest relaxation herb. It will send you to the moon but not back! Notes: Sweet Cream
Dream Within: A dream within a dream, this herb will leave you in a heady euphoria. Notes: Lavender & Peach
Fairy's Kiss: Delicate & giggly, it will leave you w/ an overall peaceful bliss. Notes: Honey & Black Tea
Heaven on High: Like Heaven-on-Eorzea, you will feel like you're walking on air. Notes: Rose & White Tea
Prism Lake: Psychedelic-dream best describes this herb. Very other-worldly. Notes: Violet & Woody
Sleeping Dragon: An insomniac's choice, best to leave sleeping dragons lie. Notes: Smoky & Tobacco
Windtea Dream: A delicate aroma of windtea. Very pleasing & soothing. Notes: Cream & Windtea

Ara Ara: Alert & arousing, a favorite sensual treat. Notes Earthy Spice & Mango
The Drunken Toad: Heavy herb that leaves you a bit peckish! Notes: Hoppy & Peppery
Medica II: Nice, rounded bliss; known to sooth hurts. Notes: Chamomile & Nutmeg
The Night Witch: Sensuous & silky, like your favorite wench. Notes: Apples & Musk
Onamazu: Uplifting & relaxing. It leaves you with a big creative & euphoric state. Notes: Peach & Pineapple
Savvy Pirate: Bawdy sort of sensations & oddly... talkative! Notes: Orange & Spice
Sexy Ninja: Sultry herb that sneaks up on you, becareful! Notes: Sweet & Spicey
Sultana Snacks: Earthy & sweet reminiscent of cookies. Notes: Roasted Cacoa
Rolanberry Mochi: Sweet & delicate, perfect for novices. Notes: Rolanberry & Vanilla

BEVERAGES & FARE (All items are infused with one of two herbs of the month! Please ask!)

Absinthe || Ale || Brandy || Rum || Sake || Lominsan Red || Lominsan White

Coffee || Cream Tea || Juice || Pop || Tea

Breaker Brownies: Triple chocolate brownies w/ cacoa chips, extra gooey!
Bzz Bzz Honey Sticks: A sticky, sweet honey-treat in thin sticks. Flavor: Honey, Lavender, or Rolanberry.
Captain's Mixed Nuts: Nuts for nuts? These are perfect with one of our ales!
Crunchy Pretzels: Salty & crispy these pretzels have a kick in the pants.
Decadent Bonbons: Multi-flavored sweet bonbons, a fruity, chewy delight.
Flaming Dodo Bites: Comes in mild, medium, spicy or lava! Choose wisely.
Over Stuffed Peppers: See spice level above. Choice of meat or tofu.
Steppe Jerky: Savory, spicy jerky. Auroch, dodo or local fish!
Stone-Oven Pizza: Thin, crispy pizza with choice of toppings. Ex. Cheese, Bacon, Sausage, All Meat or Veggie.